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Land Surveying is an ancient and learned profession that requires precision, facility with applied mathematics, technical knowledge, logical thinking and judicious judgment. A Land Surveyor, during the execution of a project, may be required to work with lawyers, engineers, architects, planners, realtors, building officials, agents of local government, and the general public. Determining property boundaries is a very important service, one that K. K. Enterprises provides and are well qualified to provide.

K. K. Enterprises is a small, privately owned and operated business, our emphasis is on providing professional services that are specifically tailored to meet the individual needs of our clients. Our land surveyors specialize in boundary, single lot, title, topographic, land subdivision, historical retracement, and boundary dispute surveys. In addition, we also perform construction layout and design septic systems.

As a small business, we are better able to provide our land surveying services as part of a one-on-one relationship.

K. K. Enterprises is a Government license surveyor.
    License no. LS/465/LS


We feel that the personal attention that we provide is beyond their capabilities. We are dedicated to providing our services and delivering the necessary information efficiently and professionally. K. K. Enterprises provides you fast dependable service with a personal touch.
Your survey will be done on time, every time.